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Accelerated Progress Leads to High Returns

How the Jinglenook team went from zero to high-performing portfolio in 18 months

Jinglenook logo with the business directors included

From the Your Property Network magazine, Issue 174, December 2022
"During the pandemic, the couple agreed that life is short, and you have to make the most of the time we have. They set about a plan to create a lifestyle for themselves and their children that will give them the time and the freedom they want to explore. It was great to catch up with Stuart this month and hear their story, and in particular how the past 12 months has had a real impact on their lives."

We were so lucky to be interviewed for the latest edition of the Your Property Network (YPN) magazine, arriving on doormats this morning. During the interview, we go into detail around a couple of our projects, including how they came about, the numbers involved and the work required.

Rather than repeat the whole article here, to read on, please visit YPN and please get in touch to hear more about us and our growing business

We'll also upload a digital copy of the article when it's available but if you want a copy in the meantime, please let us know

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