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Business Matters: How to Become a Small Business Mentor

Jim James, mentor relationship manager for the Help to Grow: Management Course, discussed how mentoring positively impacts UK businesses and why becoming a business mentor can be highly beneficial for both the mentee and the mentor.

For many small business owners across the UK, mentoring relationships are invaluable. In the latest Mentoring Matters Report, published in October 2022, over two-thirds of those surveyed agreed that access to mentoring was crucial in helping their business survive, and 76% believed mentoring was vital to their business growth.

Active mentor, Stuart MacMillan, Director of Jinglenook Ltd based in Leeds, shared with us his experience of the Help to Grow: Management Course:

‘The experience has been great so far, and the materials delivered have all been so valuable. I have set up three businesses without much support available, so I want to help people avoid some of the mistakes I made. I would encourage other senior business leaders to consider the Help to Grow: Management Course as an opportunity to give back and help other businesses to grow.’

How do you sign up to be a volunteer business mentor?

You can join the national effort to help a small business grow by signing up as a volunteer mentor here.

You can find out more by contacting me and the Help to Grow: Management Course team at

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