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The future is here!

Artificial Intelligence could change the property world as we know it

But for now, let's just have a quick look at ChatGPT

AI is something we're planning to explore more this year with a view to replace some of the administrative roles in the business from keeping on top of insurance renewals through to mapping out project plans.

The property industry makes great use of virtual assistants (VAs) but we see AI as potentially replacing that capability, especially some of the more technical, and therefore more costly, activities like producing social media or website content.

For now, here's an example, written entirely by AI in less than 30 seconds.

Jinglenook Ltd, a small company with a big heart,

Based in Yorkshire, they play their part.

In creating beautiful homes, fit for a queen,

Their attention to detail is always keen.

From the foundations to the rooftop beams,

They pour their passion into every dream.

The gardens they design, lush and green,

A perfect place for families to convene.

Jinglenook Ltd, a company to trust,

Their homes are a must for those who are just.

Starting out, or looking for a change,

A Jinglenook home will rearrange.

Your life for the better, a true work of art,

Jinglenook Ltd, a company with a heart.

What an exciting year 2023 will be. What do you think, will AI support us, hinder us, or straight up destroy us?

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