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Why you should never retire

Or should you, multiple times, and keep going until the end?

This week, I was really lucky to have the opportunity to talk to the renowned Paul Lanfear on life, business and why retirement may not be what we really want, or at least not in the traditional sense.

The latest edition of Paul's Property & Investing Podcast has landed 🚀🚀🚀 and you can listen to my dulcet (mono) tones here on Spotify

Retirement is the normal aim for so many in western society that sometimes we lose sight of

why we're aiming for it in the first place. For many, it's the opportunity to relax and enjoy some personal time having spent a lifetime working for someone else. For others, it's an opportunity to travel & explore now the kids have grown up and gone on to lead their own lives.

For us, retirement is an on-going exercise. Waiting until we're 60+ to stop work to spend time on our own personal hobbies is a long game that we don't want to play.

Instead, we like the idea of mini-retirements, working hard to play hard throughout our lives, looking to grow in both parts equally so we may end up working until our final days but we'll have had some fun along way.

What do you think and what's your approach to retirement? We'd love to hear from you

PS. If you don't use spotify, you can find various other platform links here

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